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The ALC Team


Hello everyone, started at 238 now down to 182. Started incorporating, strength training about a year ago and started seeing results in my physique. Before I couldn’t do not 1 push-up or not 1 pull up. However with Elite in 3 I am able to do 5 pushups in a row, as well as assisted pull-ups (which I couldn’t do at all) when I say the little wins matter they definitely do. Best I ever felt in a while. So proud of myself and so happy to have found Team Elite.

Merced V.

Ive been a long time lurker but June 2022 I finally pulled the trigger and invested in myself. I was committing to the program but through that I ended up committing to myself and this life style change. I started with elite Shred, my first round was rough. There were a lot of exercises I couldn't do properly. But I completed it. And then completed it again but this time, my body was more functional, it was capable of doing all the workouts. I had elite glutes locked and loaded for me after I finished my second round of elite Shred. I've been running with what I learned from those and copped elite in 3 since my work schedule has gone crazy. I went from 215lbs to 170lbs in May 2023 (second collage in comment). My goal is lower body fat & be strong af.

Jacqueline A.

I have been doing Athelite’s programs since 2021. I started with Train Like an Athelite, then Elite in 3 and then Elite Glutes. I have never seen as much progress as I have since doing your programs. Prior to starting your programs, I thought weight training would make me look “manly” and now 90% of my workouts are strength training. And now that my booty is big, talk to me nice.

LaNee A.

I’ve posted this before, but I will post it again! This is from train like an athlete, 1/9/23 - 3/6/23.



-3.6% body fat

+1.6% muscle mass

I really liked this program because as someone who has struggled with using proper form, it felt attainable. Using the dumbbells helped me get into the groove of working hard, gaining muscle, more mobility, and losing fat. TLAA has been my favorite program and I always circle back to it when I feel like I need a confidence boost or something different than the traditional weight lifting. I can’t wait to see all the amazing programs coming up. Elite for life! 

Shayla C.

I started with Elite in 3 Volume 1 then went into Elite in 3 Volume 2. This was Feb 2023 to June 2023. I've only lost 5lbs total. I absolutely love their program and how it transformed how I train. I was always concerned with losing weight and being skinny (eating unhealthy or barely to lose weight) Honestly, skinny never looked good on me and I always lost my butt. Now, with these programs, I love getting stronger and seeing my muscle definition. I love my  relationshop with food now and focusing on protein to get those gains. I just started Elite strength and currently on week 2! 

Le'Ann H.